I’m still recuperating from my marathon Thanksgiving driving session: 40 hours on the road, 2 children in the backseat (who would scream in tandem; we used Europe’s “The Final Countdown” to drown them out), 2 flat tires, and 2 different rental cars. Helpful tip? Don’t rent from Budget unless you like your complimentary “24 Hour Roadside Assistance” to be outsourced to a third party that funnels its calls through an Indian call center. Second helpful tip? Ignore directions to the nearest Budget location given to you by passing Good Samaritans – more than likely, you’ll find yourself at a Hertz instead.

All that to say…. the post is a bit late. But TA-DA! Here it is for your reading enjoyment.

The Trap
What? How the heck is this my number 1 pick of the week? A valid question, sir, a valid question. I’m a big fan of Film Movement, and this is their latest release. I’m just going to copy their synopsis, since it sounds fantastic: “A modern film noir reflecting the true face of Serbian ’society in transition,’ It’s a story that could happen to you. An ordinary man is forced to choose between life and death of his own child. THE TRAP is a film about post-Milosevic’s Serbia, in which there is no more war, only a moral and existential desert. This is Serbia in transition, in which human life is worth little, and normal life remains almost unreachable.”

Recommended if that sounds as fascinating to you as it does to me.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian –
I’m a little skeptical of Luke’s star rating there (4.5? Really?), but interested all the same. I have fond memories of reading the Narnia books while growing up, and even if The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe left me a bit cold inside, it was still an acceptable adaptation of a beloved work. At least it wasn’t butchered like Eragorn and The Seeker were. This one promises to amp up the bloodshed (how far can you go before you cross the line into PG-13 territory? Quite far, apparently), and while that isn’t necessarily faithful to the source material, the fantasy geek within me is all for it.

Recommended if the wisecracking beavers from the first film didn’t piss you off too much.

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Wanted –
This film has become something of an inside joke between Luke and I. We bring it up constantly around one another, usually using it as a barometer for the other’s poor taste. We saw it in the theater together, and while I enjoyed it for the giddy thrill ride that it was, Luke sniggered and eye-rolled his way through the entire film. I liked it – a good bit (although felt it had a serious identity crisis) – and Luke hated it. With a passion. So who are you more like? Luke or myself? Feel free to answer cryptically in the comments section.

Recommended if you liked Face-Off, Live Free or Die Hard, or Nightwatch.

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The X-Files: I Want to Believe –
I was a wide-eyed X-Files fan throughout its first 3 seasons or so. I must have been 14 (15?) and was just beginning to enter the age where my parents would let me make my own movie and television decisions. The X-Files was a little dark, but not too dark, and so I gobbled it up with all the ferocity my developing geeky mind could muster. How many great episodes are there in those first few seasons? Too many to count. Sadly, that ceased to be the case somewhere around the 5th or 6th season (perhaps it was earlier – it’s too painful to recall), and so my enthusiasm for this film is at zilch on the gotta-see-it-o-meter.

Recommended if you want to believe that Chris Carter can redeem himself for the massacre he perpetuated on his own show.

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Step Brothers –
Images of Will Ferrell’s scrotum still haunt my dreams. Oh, wait, you’ve been dying to see Will Ferrell’s scrotum ever since his underrated turn as Cubby the funeral director in 2000’s Drowing Mona? Then this film, my friend, is for you. In spades. And sacks. Yuk yuk yuk yuk.

Recommended if angry man-children with sewer mouths and strong compulsions to open the “barn doors” are totally your bag, baby.

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The Bin of SHAME

The Longshots
Fly Me to the Moon

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