Taybo20 hit the jackpot last week when no competition of any kind presented itself. He has handily sling-shotted himself into the lead. Good luck catching him.

And for those of you new to this, we play this game every Wednesday at 11AM CST. The Easy poster is worth 1 point, the Hard poster is worth 2. Person with the fewest points at the end of the game suffers unspeakable humiliation at the hands of a disgruntled carny. Wrong guesses don’t count against you, so guess as much and as often as you like.

The theme this week? These are two of my absolute favorite films, although I know that doesn’t help you much (and no, one of them is not The Rundown).

taybo20 – 9
Jason – 5
 – 5
Eric – 5
Sarah – 5
redison – 3
Joseph Demme
 – 2
Fletch – 2
Collin – 2

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