It’s our tenth-tacular episode of the MovieZeal podcast. And how could we possibly pass up a chance to wax witty on Bond, James Bond? Well, we couldn’t, and we didn’t. Additionally, we decided to skip out on the wine this week and mix ourselves up a few Vespers, that stiff drink that Bond makes up on the spot in Casino Royale, naming it after the woman who he’ll soon be seeking revenge for. And finally, Heather ran Luke through the Gauntlet with one of her favorite guilty pleasure spy flicks, In Like Flint. Download, listen, enjoy.

Highlights from the show:

  • Luke confesses he hasn’t seen a Bond film since the Sean Connery era.
  • Heather quietly weeps in the corner, mourning the death of her beloved Bondian gadgets.
  • Evan finishes his entire Vesper, which may have not been the best idea.

Episode 10 – Spy vs. Spy [59:16m]: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

Show Notes:

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