Introduction goes here. [To my editor: Please just pull something random out of the New Yorker and put it here, or something. I want to look intelligent, but writing an introduction to these two movies is a lot of work and a waste of my time.]

The X-files: I Want to Believe
Okay…so I never got around to watching the show, or even the first movie, but I was repeatedly told that it’s the sort of thing I “might like.” Unfortunately, in the 90’s, I was busy doing important things that would change the world, so I never found time to waste hours in front of the TV, warping my brain with crackpot conspiracy theories. At this stage of  life, though, that sounds pretty good. So I might check this one out…if THEY don’t get to me first.

Recommended if this is the sort of thing you “might like”

Step Brothers
I haven’t done any research on this one, but I think it’s about a pair of brothers who live on the steppe, or something (geez, way to spell, Hollywood). And one of them is, like, Will Something, and the other is John C. Whatever. And yeah, that’s pretty much it. (Question: does anyone care about this movie? If you do, please let me know…I really want to know who you are.)

Recommended if you have a choice between watching this and committing a felony. Nah, on second thought, go with the felony.

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