So, this is a bit tardy. But since there was only one significant new release this week, and since I was on a business trip, I wasn’t too worried. You people will take what I give you and you will like it. You will LIKE it, I say. But… wow. This week is dead, dead, dead.

I remember reading “Bringing Down the House,” the book that 21 is based on, nearly four years ago and thinking, “This would make an awesome movie.” Well they got one half of that right, but it wasn’t the ‘awesome’ half. What bugs me the most about this is that the original MIT Blackjack team was entirely Asian. As in not white. Or Caucasian. Or in desperate need of sunblock. And last time I checked, the closest Jim Sturgess and Kate Bosworth could come to ‘Asian’ was being called ‘off white,’ but then that’s not saying much, is it? Perhaps an enjoyable enough pop fantasy, but not a winner in the “Reasonably Accurate Adaptation” department.

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