I know one thing that I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving: never having to voluntarily sit through any of these again. That’s right – it’s Pointless, Painful, and Pathetic Sequel Edition at Mystery Poster Theater. And because a blackhole opened up and swallowed last week’s MPT, in a scene that was not unlike the destruction of the Empire State Building in Independence Day, I’ve decided to do a double post this week. And since they’re sequels, you have to guess the exact film. No beans if you just guess the franchise.

As Jean Renoir would say, here are the Rules of the Game: easy posters are worth 1 point a piece, hard posters are worth 2. Wrong guesses are not penalized, so guess as often as you wish, but it’s first come first serve. Oh, and we do this every week at 11AM CST (except when curmudgeonly blackholes interfere).

Guess y’er heart out, and Happy Thanksgiving.
P.S. I’m going to be traveling all day, so if I don’t get to your guesses until later in the evening, that’s why.

Jason – 5
 – 5
Eric – 5
Sarah – 5
redison – 3
taybo20 – 3
Joseph Demme
 – 2
Fletch – 2
Collin – 2

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