To mix things up a bit this week, I’ve only chosen foreign language films (there are an extra 2 this week). However, these are not the Americanized versions, but the original posters from the country of origin. I know, I know, that does seem a teensy bit difficult, but the films I’ve picked should be identifiable even if you haven’t laid eyes on the poster before. And here’s a handy hint: if you use Google image search and type in the name of the film followed by the word ‘poster,’ the very first image that comes up is the one I’ve chosen. So if you have a hunch, just Google it and check the first hit against the silhouette.

Rules, rules, rules: a new mystery poster goes up every Wednesday at 11AM CST (12 Eastern, 9 Pacific, yada yada yada); the Easy posters are worth 1 point, the Hard posters are worth 2; you’re not penalized for wrong guesses, so guess away.

And congrats to Heather for nabbing the Hard poster last week and getting on the scoreboard. I am, however, quite pleased that it took 2 hints in order for anyone to get it.

Fox – 11
 – 9
Eric – 6
 – 5
Sarah – 5
Joseph Demme – 5
redison – 3
Fletch – 2
Collin – 2
Heather – 2

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