Well, we usually do this every Wed. at 11AM CST, but I’m a bit tardy this morning. Whoops. Apologies if I’ve wrecked anyone’s groove, but I’m going to go ahead and say that no one is frantically sitting in front of their browser hitting refresh every 10 seconds waiting for me to post the next set of posters. If you have been doing that, please let me know; my ego can always use a pick-me-up.

So, Easy poster is worth 1 point, Hard poster is worth 2. Also, congrats to Nathan K. and Tuire, who both sneaked onto the leaderboard for the first time last week.

Fox – 11
 – 9
redison – 7
Eric – 6
 – 5
Sarah – 5
Joseph Demme – 5
Fletch – 2
Collin – 2
Heather – 2
Adam K.
 – 2
Tuire – 2
Nathan Keltner – 1

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