Just a quick announcement that we are doing another ‘theme’ month here at MovieZeal during August. Last time we tackled the work of the Coen brothers, which I think was a modest success, but this time we’re aiming a bit higher. Instead of profiling a single director’s filmography, we’re featuring an entire movement: Film Noir. The festivities kick off a week from today on the 1st and we’ll be reviewing a different noir masterpiece each day of the month until the 31st. For those of you with mad trigonometry skillz, that equals 31 different films.

Rather than slowly go insane attempting to take on all of that work ourselves, we’ve invited numerous denizens of the film blogosphere to contribute pieces, so expect a lot of extremely talented guest writers. I’ll write more on this next week as we head into the month, but I wanted to formally announce it here.

Also, Josephe Demme of Cinexcellence is hosting an Unseen DVD Blog-a-Thon at his site. You are cordially invited to plunge head first into the $1 bargain bin at your local Walmart, retrieve the shiniest turd possible, and then write about it (masochism is your friend). He’s running the blog-a-thon until August 17th.

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  1. Haiku Girl

    Oh Yaaaa, I love this genre. Do we get a sneek peak at which films you’ll be reviewing? Fingers crossed for the 39 steps, and notorious!


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