Our grand plan for this week to review the revenge thriller Taken starring Liam Neeson was thwarted by the Hollywood suits when they decided to dump the film into the February graveyard at the flick of a wrist. (I knew there was something odd going on when I had not seen a lick of marketing for the flick) I’m sure we’ll tackle it in a few months, but for now we’ve turned our attention to more sociological concerns, namely the punk lifestyle.

In Episode 6 we discuss What We Do Is Secret, play a few brief clips from my interview with the director, Rodger Grossman, briefly touch on the My Little Pony infatuation I had in kindergarten, drink some fabulous punky wine that comes with its own dress-up doll, rant and rave over Sid & Nancy which Heather forced me to watch, and discuss her former life as an “Alterna-Girl” (her words, not mine).

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