Whether or not this episode is any fun to listen to, I don’t know, but we kinda think it’s our best episode yet. For better or worse, our ability to surf down pop culture rabbit trails is on full display here. What other podcast jumps from a discussion of zorks (not corks, zorks) to the Super Mario Bros. movie to the musical stylings of Roxette? It’s either amazing or….well, I’m just going to stick with amazing.

Some highlights:

  • Mark Wahlberg talks to animals.
  • We discuss who would have been a worse casting choice than Mila Kunis (hint: starts with a ‘P’ and rhymes with Farishilton).
  • Heather waxes nostalgic on the moment she discovered that Samus was really a girl.
  • We each offer up our deepest insights as to why video game adaptations consistently suck.
  • Luke’s talent for pulling puns out of thin air continues to amaze.
  • We discover that Super Mario Bros. has a surprisingly awesome soundtrack; and then proceed to take a trip down memory lane through it (early ’90s glam rock FTW!).
  • Also, we sing some. This point is, arguably, not a highlight

Episode 8 – Video Games [54:56m]: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download


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