Do you enjoy films? I do. There are some films being released this week.

Baby Mama
I like Tina Fey as much as anyone – Mean Girls bordered on brilliance, and I’d probably really like 30 Rock if I ever decided to watch television. So it is with great sorrow that I report that this movie looks really, really, unfunny. At least from the trailer. I can’t remember a single joke that wasn’t racial or scatological. But whatever. If you want to know the plot, it goes something like this: Fey is a single yuppie who hires a white trash (-ish) girl to have a baby for her. Then they end up living together. I do get the feeling that it could be funnier than its trailer…so if you’re looking for a girls’ night out, this might be it.

Recommended if you liked Juno or Smart People

Remember all those “erotic thrillers” from the 90’s that all had two-word titles like Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct? Well, they’re back – except now they have one-word titles and suck twice as much! Need I say more?

Recommended if you read Playboy “for the articles”

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
About a month ago, there was some controversy surrounding the movie 21because it changed the race of its central characters from Asian to white. This little movie, however, proves that Asians can, in fact, get work in Hollywood – so long as they play dumb stoners. Hooray for Hollywood and its commitment to progressive values. Anyway, as I’m sure you know, this is the sequel to Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, and features those two lovable stoners in yet another adventure, yada, yada, yada. I’m sure if you’re in this one’s target audience, you’re already lined up at the theater. Unless you’re staring transfixedly at something shiny.

Recommended if you like Half-Baked; Dude, Where’s My Car? or Up in Smoke

A Plumm Summer
I dare you to read this summary and tell me that this isn’t awesome: Based on a true story, A Plumm Summer tells the tale of the kidnapping of a frog marionette used in a locally produced children’s television program. Yeah, that’s right. A frog marionette. And it was kidnapped. And it’s all true.That’s easily a seven or eight on the awesomeness scale. I might have to drive a couple of states away to see this one, but I am there.

Recommended if you always wanted to combine Finding Neverland with Death to Smoochy

The Visitor
This one’s been out a week now, but it’s finally expanding to a large enough number of screens that you might actually be able to see it. I am not exaggerating at all when I say the trailer makes this one look like an awesome human drama. There aren’t any frog marionettes or baby mamas, but there is some inter-cultural tension and a lot of djembe playing. This indie drama stars Richard Jenkins as a New Yorker who finds a homeless Senegalese couple living in his apartment. Conflict ensues. Friendships are forged. And yes, people come to terms with things. This is the one to see this week, if you can catch it.

Recommended if you like serious indie dramas

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