Hey all. It’s yet another slow week. Then again, if you’re really sitting there, waiting to see what movies are coming out this weekend, you need to get a hobby. I mean, have you really already seen everything else that’s showing? Geez…go outside. Get some fresh air. Movies aren’t that important.

Um, anyway…

Um…does anyone not know what this is? It’s only the biggest tween publishing craze ever to not have a boy wizard named Harry in it. If I remember right, I think the plot goes something like this: First, all the vampires that are walking through the valley most west down Ventura Blvd. Then, all the bad boys are standing in the shadows, and all the good girls are at home with broken hearts. AND NOW I’M FREEEEEEEEEE — ! FREE FALLLLLIN’!!!! …um, yeah.

Recommended if you always wished Buffy would get together with Angel. Or Spike. Or any other vampire that she may or may not have had a thing with.

Bolt –
Dog that doesn’t have superpowers but thinks he does saves the day. This is the first animated Disney movie to be made since Pixar took over their board of directors. So expectations aren’t necessarily high…but I think people are hoping it won’t entirely suck. The trailer that played before WALL-E was kinda funny. Expect to see me in line, unless I have something better to do.

Recommended if you liked Chicken Little, Meet the Robinsons or Home on the Range

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