A mockumentary about a terrible Christian pop group? This one seems strangely appropriate for the site, since many of our contributors are (or have been) associated with the Christian music industry (not me of course — I’m cool!!!). It started as a series of shorts on FunnyOrDie.com (you can watch them all here) written by longtime Christian music journalist Dan Ewald (interesting interview here), and proved popular enough that he decided to expand it into a feature-length film. Personally, I found the shorts more cringe-inducing than funny (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, mind you), but the film looks extremely promising (see a surprisingly nuanced scene here), and reportedly has previewed to standing ovations both at Christian music festivals and at more “secular” (if you’ll pardon the expression) venues. If nothing else it sports an impressive cast, with alumni of Knocked Up, The Sara Silverman Program, The Office, Saturday Night Live and Curb Your Enthusiasm. (And, of course, it’s good to see that Victoria Jackson can still do things besides thump her Bible on Fox News.)

Anyway, here’s the trailer. I look forward to hearing what people think of it.

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